Hardware & Infrastructure

Engineered for Efficiency, Built for Excellence

We respond to our customers’ IT infrastructure needs at every level. Starting from the design and planning phase, we produce turnkey projects. We also manage these projects for our customers when necessary, according to their requirements. With these comprehensive services, we effectively and comprehensively meet our customers’ IT infrastructure needs.

Network and Communication
We analyze, plan, design, and implement your network, communication, and communication infrastructure needs. From data center setup to long-distance communication systems, and end-user devices, we provide services from a wide perspective.

Servers, Cloud Systems, and Security
We provide solutions for your business’s server architectures, storage and backup systems, and information security needs in both physical and cloud environments. Upon request, we manage these solutions.

Technologies used

Server, Storage, Networking:
Oracle, HP/HPE, DELL, Cisco, VMware, TP-Link, Ubiquiti, Yealink

Watchguard, Fortinet, Check Point, Berqnet

Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle

The Advantage of Working with Us in Hardware & Infrastructure

Multiple platforms

In the services we provide in the field of information technology, we are able to offer various configurations and price alternatives in your projects and selections thanks to the products and brands we use. We plan, analyze, and implement for you.


We protect you in terms of price and time during the planning stages of your projects and business processes. Our aim is to achieve the highest quality with the lowest possible expenses.

Fast & effective development

We are highly efficient. We ensure that unexpected situations do not arise in project deadlines and costs. For many years, we have known that all our customers who continue to work with us are the ones who continue to work with us because we keep our promises.

Qualified team

Our entire IT team is experienced in the industry and has actively participated in many significant projects in their backgrounds. Each member of our technical team at SAYICT possesses sufficient certification.

High Quality, where excellence meets innovation. SAYICT, as a company dedicated to delivering top-notch solutions, ensures that your project receives the attention it deserves with our commitment to excellence.

Backed by rigorous testing procedures and dedicated support, we guarantee reliability and satisfaction.

Our clear communication and commitment to exceeding expectations reflect our confidence in providing you with the best possible service. Choose SAYICT for reliability, expertise, and results that exceed expectations. Let us be your partner in success, guiding you towards your goals with our innovative solutions.